Litigation is the process of taking legal action against another party in a court of law—either to compel them to do something, or to prevent them from doing something. Litigation is only one of the tools in Doré Rothberg Law’s tool kit, but it is an important one.

While we are experienced trial attorneys, we view ourselves first and foremost as problem-solvers. We have longstanding relationships with many clients which enable us to anticipate and spot potential legal issues that could arise for them. We draft agreements and other documents with an eye toward clarity and preventing unnecessary disputes over rights and responsibilities.

When a legal dispute is unavoidable, we do our best to help our client resolve it swiftly and favorably through negotiation. Unfortunately, under some circumstances, the only way to protect our clients’ interests is in the courtroom. Doré Rothberg’s litigation attorneys are creative, thorough, dedicated—and effective.

Skilled Texas Litigation Attorneys

Although litigation is often not the first step we take in resolving disputes, our reputation often helps us to reach a settlement with an opposing party before court action becomes necessary. Our opponents understand that we will accept a settlement only when doing so is in our clients’ best interest, and that we have the courtroom experience and strategy to prevail at trial.

Doré Rothberg’s litigation attorneys represent businesses and individuals in a wide variety of civil litigated matters, including those relating to:

Even after a lawsuit has been filed, the great majority of litigated matters are resolved before a trial becomes necessary. Our attorneys approach each project with an in-depth knowledge of the legal process, but also an understanding of our client’s business and industry-specific goals. We have attorneys who are board-certified in multiple areas of the law, including oil and gas and real estate. Their subject matter knowledge and trial advocacy skill makes them formidable opponents at the negotiating table or in the courtroom, increasing the likelihood of a favorable settlement or verdict.

Strategic Advocacy for Texas Litigation

The litigation attorneys of Doré Rothberg are known for their creative trial strategy. We respect the rules of the legal process even as we advance innovative arguments—and we back up those arguments with sound legal reasoning and support.

Clients appreciate our depth of knowledge of the law and our thorough preparation of every case as if it will be going to trial. They also value our responsiveness; the litigation process can be drawn out, and our clients know they can count on us to keep them apprised of developments in their case. Most of all, our clients rely on us to litigate their legal disputes because of the results we have consistently achieved on their behalf.

To learn more about Doré Rothberg’s litigation practice and how we can help protect your legal rights in a dispute, contact us to schedule a consultation.