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Texas is fortunate to have one of the easiest and most affordable legal systems to probate a will and distribute an estate when a family member dies if the person has a valid will. When your loved one has a valid, enforceable will, there is rarely a need for costly estate planning. The small cost to have a lawyer draft a good will is money well spent. 

In almost every situation, a person who lives in Texas wants a will that names an independent  administrator and is signed by you and two unrelated witnesses (who also sign a self-proving affidavit). Our firm can help you and other family members execute a good will at a relatively small cost.

Many other valuable documents can be created at the same time as your will, including:

  • Durable Power of Attorney

  • Directive to Physicians

  • Medical Power of Attorney

  • HIPAA Release

  • Directive Concerning Minor Children 

When a family member dies, probating their will allows the assets they owned to be properly distributed. Typically, a simple court hearing is all that is required for the independent administrator to obtain a legal document giving the right to transfer ownership to almost any asset. Our law firm helps you probate the will as well as giving advice and drafting legal documents as the estate is distributed. 

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